#1 A Process


It has been said that everything at Howard University involves a process, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or financial.

In fact, many a Bison will profess that this “haze” begins way before actually setting foot on Howard’s campus, way back when they were a senior in high school trying to make their way to the Mecca. Whether the A-building lost their financial aid paperwork, or their housing deposit was miraculously cashed but “never received”, there is always some inkling that one’s matriculation through Howard University isn’t going to be the proverbial walk in the park.

Therefore it is known from day one that the strenuous progression from new entrant to alum (!!!) is marked by various forms of a process; however, many Howard processes are not only optional, but are actively sought out by members of the student body.

Whether they jump right in by going out for Campus Pals, Student Ambassadors, a choir, or even the football team, they can look forward to experiencing some kind of process that has been fine-tuned by many many generations of process-loving Bison.

 Precaution: Do not, under any circumstances, introduce the possibility that many of these organizations that they are “pledging” have very little bearing on the real world outside of the relationships that they build with fellow members.

Secondly, do not mention that everything in life is a process, from buying a home to eventually raising a family. This will make the Average Bison feel as if you do not sympathize with their struggle…. and a struggle is something that every Bison holds true to their little red white and blue heart.


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