2. Anti-‘A-Building’ Sentiments


If you ever want to bond with a Bison, talk about how much you hate the A-building.

Tell them about the time they mishandled your scholarship paperwork and caused you to have a pay out of pocket.

Shake your head about the spring semester transcript crunch of 2006 that almost caused you not to make line.

Rant about ridiculous office hours such as “10:30-11:15 Mondays Only”.

Then lastly reminisce about the Great A-building Takeover that occurred when they were still young enough to be watching Reading Rainbow. Nod in agreement when they say that they’d gladly participate in one this year, knowing all the while that they would only participate if it were co-sponsored by at least 5 campus organizations, including 1 or more in the Divine-9.  

Precaution: Do not remind them that everything at Howard is a known process, otherwise they will become irate and believe that you do not sympathize with their inability to extricate themselves from the PunchOut for the week’s worth of face-time necessary to build alliances and connections in all the important A-building offices.

Also, do not remind them that “It’s not What You Know, but Who You Know” because they will feel that you’re questioning their Connections Quota and will immediately begin to list all the “important” Howard administrators whose names they can recall such as Matt Goins, Dean Guillory and Dr. Chambers…. not realizing that they all work in Student Activities and not the A-building.


2 responses to “2. Anti-‘A-Building’ Sentiments

  1. it is definitely a bonding experience to talk to someone who went through the entire rigamorole of having to visit the A-building. i’ve met a couple life-long friends from just talking about how messy the A-building is. lol. another true blog.

  2. LOL@ at people using Student Activities employees. You forgot Ms. Freeman

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