4. Moving to New York After Graduation


There comes a time in every Bison’s life-usually after 4 to 6 years– when it comes time to leave the Mecca and venture out to the Real World. In the case of the Average Bison, the Real World is a 1 mile radius in the upper reaches of the island of Manhattan, also known as Harlem.

No Job, No Plans, No Problem. Chances are, Average Bison will know 40% of any given apartment complex north of 125th St. That means hundreds upon hundreds of couches to sleep on until they find that ideal post-graduation position working in retail, restaurants, nightlife or hospitality.  Granted, waitressing has nothing to do with Average Bison’s degree, nor will it help them pay off those pesky student loans. However, it serves as a segue to their ultimate career goal: becoming a New Yorker.

Precaution: Do not remind Average Bison that they have no intention of building a real life i.e. a family in New York. They will only roll their eyes and think that you’re a loser for not understanding that Harlem is a temporary playground for the young black and fabulous… kinda like Atlanta, but with less men living on the DL.


2 responses to “4. Moving to New York After Graduation

  1. sistertoldja

    Bougie Bison move to Harlem. COOL Bison move to Brooooooklllllyyyyyn!

  2. LMAO@ the Atlanta comment.

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