5. Fashion


Fashion is to Howard is like:

a) Ying is to yang- one without the other leaves the entire thing unbalanced

b) Bread is to butter- commonly associated together but each serve other purposes outside of their relationship

c) Hormone injections are to pre-op transvestites- A definite necessity in order to keep up appearances

If you guessed A or B, you might be a Bison.

 Contrary to the belief of the Average Bison strutting across the yard in True Religion jeans and a D&G hoodie, the Fashion World does not give a damn about Howard University… yes, even in spite of being chosen as the second most fashionable university by Women’s Wear Daily 5 years ago.

However, this reality does not deter Average Bison from spending their entire refund check at Tyson’s Corner. Ask Average Bison to name 3 Haute Couture designers, and they will rattle of names of at least 5 designers faster than tickets to Fashion Show II sell out during Homecoming. Then ask Average Bison to 3 heads of state. Watch the confusion expression develop on their face. Change the discussion back to fashion. Watch them smile.

Precaution:Don’t even think of pointing out to Average Bison that the yard is not a runway, and that most wealthy collegians at schools such as Dartmouth and UVA wear pajamas to class. They will merely turn on their Giuseppe Zanotti heels and sashay to the PunchOut.


10 responses to “5. Fashion

  1. So fuckin true!

  2. i went to UVA – i can vouch for the wearing of pj’s to class (i never did but saw many people do it). at predominately white schools, fashion is not a necessity for learning. and no one is looking you up and down as you tramp to class. we were there to seriously get an education – and then seriously get drunk afterwards. who cares about what you’re wearing to do all that.

    though, we did dress up right nicely to go to the parties at night.

  3. Oh no! Bad cover…..Lebron as King Kong, i stopped buying Vogue. But still love fashion.

  4. so so true… i went to howard for a year before i transferred to VCU (the A building!!! ahhhh!)… and i usually wore sweats to class at HU and people would seriously look at me like i was crazy. but if i put on a BCBG heel, no one gave a second look! lol… this blog is TOO true.

  5. how many stuff ___________people like blogs can there possibly be….

  6. Just maybe she’s had a little too much Tom white-bread Brady. just sayin’…

  7. So if you didn’t attend Howard, how long will you read this blog? I hope the author asked himself that question.


  8. But thousands of people have attended Howard!

  9. ^^ and some of us are getting ready to go (law school)

  10. I know this much… someone’s reading long enough to post comments… *whistle*….

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