6. Howard ‘Nalia

While there is a wide variety of fashion that can be witnessed on the Yard of Howard University, there is one fashion trend loved by Bison that can be seen from campus to Cairo- and that is Howard ‘Nalia. Sweatshirts, hoodies, baby tees, baseball caps, backpacks, basketball shorts…. you name it and the bookstore will slap a brand on it. However, far from just a fashion trend, for many Bison, the purpose of Howard ‘Nalia is manifold.

  • For one, it lets white people know they went to college. This is a good thing, because for some reason, college-educated isn’t the first adjective to cross a white person’s mind when they walk past a black person on a deserted street at 4 in the morning. In this case, Howard ‘Nalia may stop them from prematurely calling 911.
  • Secondly, it lets non-college-educated black people know that there are people that look like them in higher education. In this case, it may inspire someone to move forward.
  • Third, it allows other HBCU students and alum to recognize you among their ranks. This may result in a wink, a handshake, or maybe even a valuable connection. And  connections are prized by all Bison from campus to Cairo.

Precaution: Do not point out to Average Bison wearing Howard ‘Nalia in the PunchOut that their affiliation with Howard University is self-explanatory by sheer virtue of them being on campus. Clearly it was laundry day.


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